I’m at the point in my business that having an office and an organized desk is at the top of my list of things to do for this new year. Truthfully, I don’t even have a real office desk…or an office for that matter. I currently use either our dining room table or living room coffee table as my desk. So each night I clean everything up and put it in a chair in the corner until the next day when I bring it all out again. It’s definitely not ideal, and I can’t wait for the day that I actually have my very own office. I’m dreaming of a Gold & Bloom office space in our home, but we currently don’t have the space unless we want to either give up our guest bedroom or dining room. Boo.

Even though I don’t have an actual office or desk for that matter, I’ve realized a few things my workspace can’t go without. With help from Tiny Prints and Good Word Candles, I bring you my top 5 office essentials!

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  1. Notebook | When I’m attemping to sit down and get things done, jotting a list in my notebook keeps me organized and focused. I use this personalized Gold & Bloom notebook from Tiny Prints every single day! You’ll find lists of flowers, phone numbers for venues, and to-do lists throughout the pages of my notebook. Seriously a must-have!
  2. Address Stamp | I send lots of thank you and congratulatory snail mail to my brides and clients, and this address stamp definitely  comes in handy. Plus, it feels a little bit fancy to stamp on the envelopes instead of my personal address. You can buy these at notebook from Tiny Prints!
  3. Personalized Stationary | Having personalized stationary on hand is another one of those must-haves. I use lots of different types of stationary, but these personalized cards from Tiny Prints are perfect for quick thank yous and wedding day notes.
  4. Candles | Candles are so calming for me, so having good-smelling ones on my desk has to happen. I have two on my desk from Good Word Candles, and oh! They are the best smelling candles, and they last forever! I’ve been burning my It is Well candle for a month now and it still looks basically brand new. My favorite GWC scents are Fall Harvest and Grapefruit. So good!
  5. Fresh Flowers | Are you really surprised by this one? My desk feels naked without a little bouquet of fresh flowers. Seeing as I always have flowers in the house nowadays for events, it’s a no brainer.

Do you have an office? What are your essentials? 

Top 5 Office Essentials

January 4, 2016