Winter is kind of that strange time of year when people don’t think about flowers much. It’s the time of pretty greenery, wreaths, and garlands. However, there are still weddings to be had..and yes…in some places, peonies are back in season! It has been fun to play around with flowers in this “off season”, and boy have they been pretty!

Part of the excitement in being a floral designer, is that flowers come and go in and out of season. Although there are some flowers you can find pretty much year round, there are some that are only available at certain parts of the year. So when my favorites come back into season, it’s like a holiday in itself. These are some of my favorite winter flowers to use in bouquets and arrangements. Each one is unique and brings a special vibe to the designs.


If you’re planning a winter wedding, I hope this guide will help point you into the direction of what types of flowers you’ll be able to find this time of year! Also, keep in mind that I order my flowers through a wholesaler, so check availability with your florist or wholesaler.

1 | RANUNCULUS | This is my all time favorite flower and use it in pretty much every arrangement I make. You can find it pretty much year round in various colors. I love the color of these burgundy ranunculus!

2 | AMARYLLIS | This beauty is such a unique and bold winter flower, and comes in many different colors. It’s sort of a challenge to use them in bouquets because of their large stem, but it’s definitely a possibility. I mostly like to use them in table arrangements.

3 | VERONICA | I love the white ones this time of year, especially. They add such a great shape to arrangements.

4 | SNAPDRAGON | This is another flower that I just love the shape of! Oh, and good news: it’s available year-round!

5 | GARDEN ROSE | There are like a hundred different varieties of garden roses, and a lot of them are available in the spring. However, these pretty white garden roses are some of my favorite to use. Their smell is unlike any other flower! So delicious!

6 | BURGUNDY PEONIES | Winter is when the beautiful burgundy peonies come out to play! The lighter colored peonies are in season in the warm months, but this one is one of the few that like the cold.

7 | ANEMONE |  These cold weather friends are just so adorable to look at. I use them in arrangements all the time!




As you can tell, Moose loves her mama’s flowers, too. 😉 #flowercat

I used all of these flowers a couple of weeks ago for a fun styled shoot. I’m looking forward to eventually sharing photos from that!

So, do you have any favorite winter flowers that are different from mine? I wanna know!

Have a wonderful week, friends!

Winter Flower Guide

January 11, 2016