Happy February! Yes, the month of hearts, sweets, fresh flowers, and all things red and pink has arrived. This is such a fun and festive month after a bit of a dreary January.  A few things on my February fun list are my annual cookie swap party, making Valentines for my students, winter break, a couple of weddings, some special birthdays, and date nights with Lamar. Hooray!

A new month means that it’s time for another Currently! Anne and I love reading through your Currently posts each month, because it lets us in on the little things that are going on in your life that you might not usually share. We hope you’ll join us!

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SENDING | Each year I try to send snail mail Valentines to my family and friends near and far. Although I’m not sending as many as I want to this year, there will be a few cute lovey dovey notes on their way later this week.

Chocolate chip cookies from the Publix bakery. Why do they have to be so dang delicious?!

We are traveling to New Orleans and Charleston this year and I can hardly wait! We are both going to places we’ve never been–I’ve never been to New Orleans and he’s never been to Charleston, so we are going to have fun showing each other around.
SMELLING | Besides this delicious-smelling candle, I can hardly smell a thing. I’ve come down with either a cold or bad allergies, which is making it hard to smell or taste food. Sad day!

All things red and pink, of course. I’m such a sucker for Valentine’s day, and not for romantical reasons (although celebrating with Lamar is fun, too!). I love giving Valentines to my students, baking treats for my coworkers, and throwing a Galentine’s cookie swap with my small group girls. So much fun, and so many sweets!



Thanks so much for linking up with us! Next month’s currently topics will be wishing, craving, going, wearing, learning and will go live the first Wednesday in March.

So what are you currently up to? Link up your currently post that contains your responses to the prompts, or leave your responses in the comments below! Make sure you share the love in your blog post by linking back to either Anne’s blog or mine. We look forward to hearing from you!

Currently | February

February 3, 2016