So, remember last May when I mentioned I was getting a new floral design studio makeover? Well, there’s a little more to the story, and I’ve been dying to share the details with you!  Well, it was actually a partnership with American Family Insurance with HGTV! Here is the commercial that is now live on Photos from the makeover will also be in the HGTV magazine this fall! Hooray!

Long story short, after a few skype sessions and in person meetings, we were chosen to receive the makeover! In late May, a big crew of people came to our little house to film the transformation. The lovely designer, Leigh Ann, did such a beautiful job and really surprised me with everything she did for us! She took my favorite color palette (shades of green, blush, and neutrals) and ran with it. Now, I not only have an organized and functional space, but it’s beautiful as well. I’ve already had brides and their families over for meetings, and I think it really reflects who I am as a designer. I’m so proud of this space, and very thankful that we were chosen for this opportunity!

I’ve been keeping these photos private until I got the go ahead from the producer that I could share! A few weeks after the makeover, my friend Hannah stopped by and took gorgeous photos of the space!

Photos by my good friend Hannah Forsberg
I have to say a big “Thank You” to American Family Insurance, Red Arrow Industries, Scripps Network, and the designer Leigh Ann. Everyone was so incredibly nice and generous, and we are so blessed by this experience!
So tell me, what part of the studio is your favorite? I can’t choose a favorite spot, but that couch is totally near the top of the list!

Studio Makeover Reveal

August 2, 2016