This little boy is ONE! He is sweet and snuggly, brave and energetic, and so smart. He loves to give kisses and hugs to mama and dada. He will eat just about anything, but especially bananas, spaghetti, and peanut butter crackers. He walks, climbs, helps daddy build towers, knocks down towers, dances to music, kicks soccer balls, and loves to go on walks. This boy made me a mama. I’m so thankful for Cooper, and for God entrusting us with him. We are honored to be his Mama and Dada, and we love him so much! Happy birthday baby boy!

It truly seems like we’ve had him forever, while at the same time it seems we were just in the hospital snuggling his newborn self. We decided to have my friend Grace capture some birthday photos a few weeks prior to his first birthday. Each and every photo is such a dream! Even though he was pretty fussy during the photoshoot, I don’t care. It’s real life, ya know? Sometimes my smiley baby just wants a nap, and that’s okay. We love him!

Brace yourself, here’s a ton of pictures of our family! Thanks, Grace Jayne Photo!

Cooper is One

April 4, 2018