When I left my full time teaching career last year, I knew I wasn’t actually done teaching. Yes, it looks a lot different from elementary school, but in many ways it’s the same. I’ve noticed that my teacher voice comes out, which makes me smile and cringe at the same time. I’m so glad I said “yes” when I felt God tugging my heart towards hosting floral workshops. It’s a time when I get to share a bit of my story, teach floral design, and meet the kindest of people!

I host two kinds of workshops–seasonal workshops (like this one) which is perfect for anyone who simply likes to play with flowers. No experience needed. This day is for fun! I also offer 1:1 sessions for people who are wanting to start their own floral business. See the workshop tab above for more info on my workshops!

This was my third workshop, and boy was it beautiful. It was the perfect spring day with colorful flowers and happy hearts. There was a chance of rain, but luckily it held off for us to forgage and take some beautiful photos around my home. A big thank you goes to Abigail Malone for capturing the day so perfectly!

At the end of every workshop, Abigail captured each student with their arrangement. Everyone is always blown away by how different everyone’s design is, even though we all used the same flowers, vessel, and foliage. That’s the beauty of this workshop–you create for yourself, and the uniqueness of each person shines through what they created. It’s so much fun to see!

Photos by Abigail Malone. Follow her on instagram @abigailmalonephoto!

Workshop sign created by Kate Turner Studio. Follower her on instagram @kateturnerstudio!

I’ll be hosting one more workshop this year on October 27th! Head over to the workshop tab for more info and to register. Surprise–there are only THREE spots remaining!

Happy Spring, everyone!

Spring Floral Workshop Recap

April 18, 2018