Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and written what was on my heart. Many of you may not know, but before I started Gold & Bloom, I was a blogger…for over six years! That chapter closed when Gold & Bloom began, but I still had hopes of keeping up this floral design blog with personal posts and flowery posts. After Cooper was born, this little blog collected lots and lots of dust. One of my goals for this year was to do better with blogging my weddings and flowers especially, but to also share my heart. I’ve done somewhat better with a post here and there, but definitely not as much as I’d want to. Anyways, life happens and priorities change, and that’s okay! Just know that I’m still here, and you can find me daily over on my Instagram @GoldandBloom.

All photos in this post by Savan Photography

Back to my heart. Things have been going so so well. We are blessed, Gold & Bloom is growing, and life truly is good. God is good all of the time..even (or especially) when storms come through and rock us a little bit. He’s there to pick up the pieces, wipe our tears, and bring us hope. I read somewhere recently that our tears are God’s tears. Whoa. How powerful is that? What makes us sad, makes Him sad. When our hearts break, so does His. We all go through ups and downs, and a recent “down” made me question everything. Was Gold & Bloom doing good like I hoped and prayed? If it was good, then why did this bad thing happen? My mind was going a hundred miles a minute, and my heart was hurting. I confided in my closest friends for guidance and prayer, and God spoke. My best friend Lauren, sent me an encouraging message that touched my heart in so many ways. Her words spoke what was on my heart, what I had been praying for Gold & Bloom since it began three years ago. Here is what she said:

“You are so gifted with using your creative artistry to repackage and repurpose God’s creation in a fresh way that portrays (and reinforces) beauty and shares joy! You light up so many lives (like mine), and our Father delights in you! You remind people of the intricate work of His hands and how He’s in the details of everything–including every tiny petal of every single flower to grace this vast, green earth.”

I read her message, cried, and read it over and over and prayed it to be true. I had peace knowing that God spoke through Lauren.

Her words sparked the need for me to write a mission statement for Gold & Bloom. A statement I could hang up in my studio and see every day to remind me of truth. I wrote a few drafts over the last several weeks, but kept going back to the words Lauren said to me. So with her help, I have written a statement that is not only my prayer for Gold & Bloom, but my mission and purpose behind this business.

Each word here is meaningful. First, I want to give God ALL the credit for creating such beautiful, amazing flowers! I mean, some of the flowers that come through my studio are like masterpieces. They are such a gift for us to enjoy! I simply want to take His beautiful flowers and repurpose them in a way that is fresh, meaning I won’t copy designs on Pinterest or try to perfectly match someone’s photo of inspiration. That’s no fun. My designs are beautiful, unique, and one of a kind. Last, but not least, joyful. My desire is for my floral designs to not only be done with a joyful heart, but also to create joy for the people who view them.



The Heart Behind Gold &Bloom | Our Mission Statement

July 24, 2018