The bridal bouquet is easily my favorite aspect of the floral design day. I spend a lot of time with that bad boy–designing it, photographing it, holding it in my lap while we drive…There is always a sigh of relief when I’ve finally handed it over to the bride. And my most cherished part of the day is when she sees it for the first time. Usually there are happy tears, hugs, and lots of “oohs” and “ahhs”. It makes me heart nearly leap out of my chest, and I can finally breathe. Then I scurry off to complete the rest of the wedding day setup with my team. Oh, it’s special!

Here are my top favorite bouquets from 2019. Which one is your favorite?

As you can see, each bouquet is designed with each bride in mind. Just as each person is unique, every bouquet that is made is different and special and are designed to reflect each bride’s unique self. I am not sure I can pick a favorite out of this bunch. Can you?

Have a beautiful day, friends!

Bouquets of 2019

January 8, 2020