The bridal bouquet says a lot about a wedding day. Not only does it reflect the mood, tone, and style of the wedding day, it should reflect the couple. It always gives me butterflies when I am about to present it to the bride, and it never fails to be the sweetest moment of the day for me. 2020 has been unlike any year we’ve ever had in business, and so much has been different and unsettling. With that said, it was also the year of some really special bouquets. I’m thankful to each of my couples this year–the ones who had to cancel, the ones who had to postpone, the ones who had to change location, and the ones who had to downsize their guest-count, and the ones who had to do more than one of those decisions. My heart has been with you from the beginning. So much grace and kindness in the midst of uncertainty, and I will never forget that!

When I design bouquets, I like to do it in silence. Before I begin, I like to spend a few moments looking back at the notes I’ve taken from my conversation with the client, and I pin the design board to the wall. Then I usually light a candle, remind myself who I’m designing for (the precious bride), and begin. Throughout the design, I’m both thinking about technique as well as prayers for the couple and their upcoming marriage. It’s a special and sacred time in my little studio. I love it.

For my immense love of wedding bouquets, here are my favorites from 2020. All so different to reflect each individual bride…


Amy Arrington Photography

Courtney Woodham Photography

Jessica Gold Photography

Danielle Hulsey Photography

Be Light Photography

Candace Photography

Lindsey LaRue Photography

Best Bouquets of 2020

December 28, 2020