I’ve always loved having family photos taken, and as our kids get older it becomes even more special (and a bit more chaotic). This spring we were honored to have our friend Megan Wallach capture our family. The blossoming trees were perfection, and Cooper and Emmie had so much fun playing in the falling petals. Emmie’s spunky and wiggly personality was captured perfectly, and she didn’t want to smile for the camera. I love her strong-willed self. Scroll down a few photos, and you can see her yelling her newest made-up word, “Pattoot!”at Megan. She’s perfection. And Cooper, my precious boy. His tenderhearted, flower-loving self shows through in these photos. He had fun running and climbing, and dodging photos when he could. He is such a joy! It was a fun afternoon, and I’m thankful these moments were captured.

If you need a family or wedding photographer, I can’t sing Megan’s praises enough. She’s kind, incredibly talented, and she made us feel important. Visit her website by clicking here.

Our Family | Spring 2021

June 29, 2021