This is one of our most commonly asked questions, for good reason. The thought of beautiful flowers with so much life left in them going into the trash is an understandably uncomfy thought. Well I’m here to put your mind at ease–here at Gold & Bloom, we do everything in our power to find homes for each and every bloom that is leftover from weddings.

Photo by Alexandra Grace Photography

We always make sure to send home the bridal bouquet at the end of the wedding, and any other floral arrangements the client wants to take home. This is usually coordinated and discussed at the final consultation so that we know exactly what we need to package up for your family to take home at the end of the night. Everything else–arrangements, budvases of flowers, floral installations, bridesmaid bouquets, etc. goes back to our studio for safe keeping.

The next day, we go through the arrangements and pick out any blooms that look a little sad and we repurpose the good looking blooms into little bouquets to give away as acts of kindness, or to sell to raise money for local charities. The organization we have been partnering with this fall is The Mighty Milly Fund, in which we’ve raised over $2,300. If you are one of our wedding clients and would like to donate your leftover florals to raise money for a charity, or if you just want us to give away little bouquets as acts of kindness, we will make it happen!


So What Happens to the Flowers After the Wedding?

November 29, 2021