Nearly 8 years ago, my dreams of having my own floral business were only beginning. I knew there was only a small chance I’d actually be successful at starting a business, leaving my teaching career, and running a business full time. At the time, the idea of even starting a business–let alone a floral design company– was foreign to me. I knew very little about flowers, even less about design, and starting and running a business? No way.

But, here I am 8 years later. With my very own successful business, a solid team of assistants, and my own precious little studio just 40 steps from our back door. Glory to God. Last April, my friend Meg of Hyde & Co Photography came over to document a day in the studio. She captured the process of foraging for hellebore in my parents’ property, design, and moments with the kiddos. Because I have a home based studio, my kids are in and out throughout design days which is exactly what I dreamed of happening those many years ago. Meg’s captures are so near to my heart, and I’m excited to share them with you today!

Springtime is undoubtedly my favorite season for so many reasons, many of them obvious ones. Our gardens are coming back to life, it’s warm enough for endless outside play, the beginning of spring wedding season, and for my family–the start of birthday season. I have high hopes for this spring and all that it will bring. Renewal, growth, and peace. So grateful for Meg coming over to capture a day in the life of a quiet and peaceful design day. These photos are so dear to my soul!

Please visit Meg’s beautiful photography website and instagram. She’s a gem, and incredibly generous with her time and talents. What a kind soul she is!

Springtime in the Studio

March 9, 2023