In the wedding design world, white and green can be sort of…boring. I’m not throwing shade, I promise! The thing is, it’s just been done forever and sometimes they end up looking a bit ‘meh’. So if you are going to do white and green as your color palette, it’s got to be done right and you need to hire the right floral designer. It’s important to bring in texture, varied size blooms, and premium, interesting, high end blooms. When we are given the freedom to do this and to be creative, our white and green color palette clients are so very happy, and as your designers–so are we! No grocery store, funeral-esq white and green designs around here. It’s a good challenge, and we are excited to design for you no matter what palette you choose. Here are a few of our favorite white and green weddings that were far from boring. These clients allowed us to bring in texture, budget for the premium blooms, and to be creative.

Spring Wedding at Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega, Georgia

Photography by Ashlyn Cathey

Spring Wedding at Roswell Mill Club in Roswell, Georgia

Photos by Candace Palfreeman

Summer Wedding at The Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta, Georgia

Photography by Anna Shackleford

Fall Wedding at Little River Farms

Photos by Kelly Berry

Spring Wedding at The Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta Georgia

Photos by Abigail Thomas

Well there you have it–a few of my favorite white and green weddings we done over the years. Feel free to pin these images on Pinterest by hovering over the images you’d like to pin and pressing the red Pinterest save decal. Happy wedding planning!

Color Feature: White and Green

March 19, 2024